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Payday Loans

Don't loose sight of your payday loans. In fact, its probably best not to get Paydayzed after all.

Payday Loans - Chasing The White Rabbit

The worst mistake a person can make with their payday loans is to forget about 'em - yet forgetting is so easy to do! Today's payday loans are so fast, so easy to apply and qualify for that the vast majority of users are taking payday advances completely for granted. There is a definite feeling of relaxation after meeting your financial obligations, and the industry is so cleverly disguised so as to make you feel comfortable in delaying your repayment. "Sure," they say, " you can roll-over that loan! Take your time, our roll-over fees and procedures are nothing if not consumer oriented!" Yeah, oriented to put you in the poor house and lock you in a room with a flame-throwing wet nurse.

Payday loans put on the pounds

Basically, don't go cosmos on your payday loans, friend - keep your Paydazed head out of the clouds. From the moment you take out your payday loans you should already be making plans to pay them back. You do have the option to roll-over your repayment, but that option is obesely expensive:

  • lets say you took out a $300 payday loan at $20 per $100 borrowed. Thats $60 you're already responsible for, well, $360.
  • After two weeks your payday arrives, yet you decide to hold onto that $360. Understandable, $360 is a lot of money, a lot of your money that you desperately need. But it isn't your money, you spent your money when you took out those payday loans and paid off those debts. Whatever, you decide to delay repayment and roll-over your loans for another two weeks.
  • Your lender instantly doubles their profit, because roll-over fees usually match initial fees to the dollar. So with a single roll-over you will owe $120 in fees and the original $300 amount from your payday advance loans.
  • With your next paycheck you decide to make a difference - set aside $200 to go toward repayment. No dice, you've paid off the fees and $80 of your principal, but you are charged that $60 again, putting your balance at $280.
  • However, the dent that repayment made in your finances is significant enough to drive you toward more payday loans, and when you take them out you are in deep, deep trouble.

Keep your eyes on the payday loans prize

It is extremely simple to avoid the debt-cycles and problems of your payday advance - repay them with your first paycheck. Online payday loans are set up so repayment can be automatic, your lender taking their repayment the moment your paycheck is directly deposited into your account. This instant repayment might seem a bit harsh, but it really is the only guaranteed way for you to maintain your financial obligation. Sacrifices in spending and normal financial habits will be made after repaying no fax payday loans, but you should be ready for that sacrifice in the name of your present financial predicament. The pressure is on, opportunity knocks - will you answer? Or will you run in fright, afraid of the consequences of payday advance abuse.

Maintain your payday pulse

You gotta go with the rhythm of your life, man, go with the beats. Dance with your loans. And when the beats start pounding so fast you can't really dance any more, you've gotta look for fast payday loans and nip that payment in the bud. Nip nip, payday cash loans are what you make of them - they can be the fast and effective financial solutions you need, or the disasters just waiting to happen, just waiting to impregnate you with a fetal agony. Its up to you, and this is something good karma will never help out, man. Good people are falling victim to cash loans every day, taking out an advance then failing to feel the urgency of repayment. But its there, the urgent beat is there. Feel it, feel the beats or get out.

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