Borrow as much as $500 on your next paycheck.

Payday Cash Loan

Your payday cash loan is filled with opportunity for lies, cheating, stealing, and all out debt.

Payday Cash Loan

We're just trying to have a good time with our payday cash loan, why do they have to ruin everything? Why do the lenders take it upon themselves to ruin a totally beneficial form of financial assistance for the people who most need it? Love man! Where in thecash loan is the love?

The loss of payday cash loan love

The payday cash loan went horribly wrong the second it came into being:

  • the very nature of the payday loan is as a last recourse for financial aid. People needing a payday advance generally live payday to payday, but they carry the additional burden of not having enough to keep up with financial emergencies.
  • when they take out a payday cash loan, they are instantly placed into a deeper hole than when they started, and their financial demands compound with the added pressures of not having enough to make it till payday then having to pay extra for that payday advance.
  • when people finally do pay off their payday loan online, their paychecks are spent immediately on their past financial emergencies, making them unable to cope with their usual financial pace.

And on top of it all, we keep on asking for the things that only get ups into greater trouble. LIke an instant payday loan - as if we actually needed a way to access instant cash.

Where lenders take their payday toll

And lenders have jumped all over this client vulnerability in the name of greater profits and economic opportunity. Lenders don't stop at making the payday cash loan readily available everywhere we turn, but easily applied for, easily granted, and even more easily manipulated:

  • the payday advance loan is technically not a loan, but a service advancing your paycheck. As a service they do not fall under the usury laws placed upon regular loans, and in this way they get away with charging between 300-1500% APRs.
  • In addition to this financial loophole, lenders also rely upon lies. They lie about your repayment demands and threaten you with incarceration, they lie about their lending practices and hide their actual rates and costs, and they sometimes lie about their repayment procedures, taking out their repayment before the agreed upon date so you a.) don't have the money to cover it and are faced with an overdraft fee, and b.) you are still obliged to repay your lender and their roll-over fees on old payday cash loans.

The desperate measures lenders take to profit off your payday cash loan are incredible, but a payday cash loan on its own is enough to set our Paydaze a burning. Be careful with your cash advance payday loan, and always beware of your payday lender.

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