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No Fax Payday Loans

There is a dark side to no fax payday loans, and only Paydazed will show you how to avoid a bad trip.

No Fax Payday Loans - The Downward Spiral

For what its worth, we enjoy payday loans here. At Paydazed we believe there is real value in the payday advance, and a genuine source of financial assistance who never had access to assistance before. The poor, the bad credit, the young and hard-working - everyone who needs a little cash help can get it through no fax payday loans, the fastest, easiest form of advance available today. There is a bad side to these loans however, bad enough to make even the most hard core Paydazed dead-head quiver and devote themselves to a life of late payments.

The dark side of no fax payday loans

You already know the benefits of no faxing payday loans, that they are totally rad and helpful in your time of financial need. But in all that supreme and infinite radness there is a thick layer of financial sludge attributed to no fax payday loans. We're friends here, and no one wants a bad trip, so take our cyberhands and shut your eyes tight as we journey into the evil soul of payday advances!

  • no fax payday loans are infamous for lending to the wrong people at the absolute worst time. Taking out the fax also meant taking out the credit check, and people took advantage of that, people with bad credit to be specific. For the first time individuals with bad credit have an opportunity for unbiased and low-requirement loans, and they are taking them out regardless of their financial habits, regardless of debt.
  • And boy do they go into debt! Since no fax payday loans cam into existence, the number of people going into debt is astounding: 91% of all payday loans are made to borrowers taking out 5 or more loans per year, and 80% of all no fax payday loans fall into some form of delayed repayment.

The cost of time

Every time you delay repayment of your no fax payday loans you will be charged an amount similar to your initial fee. but this charge does not go your paying off the loan, only to keeping your loan status alive. the longer you wait to repay your online payday loans, the more they will ultimately cost. it is not uncommon to see a person own $2000 for a $400 payday advance - these people simply could not afford to repay at the first opportunity and slipped into the unyielding debt cycle. Such is the consequence of an open door financial tool like no fax payday loans - amazing opportunity, incredible potential, and an undeniable way to get yourself into greater trouble. Whatever the reason for missing repayment, whether its too much too soon or too much period, you can avoid these horrors only by keeping on top of your advance and repaying on time, in full, at the first opportunity.

The cost of time

Woah man, deja vu! That was totally awesome! I can't believe that happened - I swear I saw those words before! I also can't believe people keep on going back to payday cash loans after they've suffered at the end of their financial blade. You know, people take out on average 11 payday advances a year? And 80% of all advances fall into some form of delayed repayment? Its crazy man, just crazy that people wouldn't think to themselves hey, I've seen this debt pattern before! Crazy man. Absolutely payday advance loans crazy.

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