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Cash Loans

Sometimes, finding quality cash loans is a bit of a journey - and we like journeys

Cash Loans - Needles And Beatles. True.

Once in a while one of our Paydazed buddies will go out searching for better cash loans than the ones we've already found and he won't come back for a long, long time. We like to think they go on some sort of wild adventure, some trek into a magic land or something rad like riding a bike through a toy store, but the truth is they always come back totally bummed - it turns out there aren't really any good payday cash loans out there. Bummer. Totally wicked bummer dude!

The major cash loans bummer

These journeys begin when we've had enough of cash loans - enough high fees, enough late fees, enough fees fees in general. We go looking for a better resource, a more reliable, affordable method to get the cash loans we believe we need, and our travels take us no where:

  • no matter where you go or what lender you choose, your cash loans will follow a similar pattern: initial fee, two week term, then roll over charges kick in.
  • the only way lenders will differ is maybe slightly in their rates, and these differences are the result of state regulation and are not available for everyone or on all cash advance loans.

But most resources for cash loans - especially online - are run by the same group of payday loan cronies, sitting in their high-backed chairs and smoking their hundred dollar bills as they laugh while looking at me through a camera disguised as Sam Donaldson. Its crazy the things a united cash loans lender will do man, and what's crazier is no one is stopping 'em. We need these loans so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd, man!

Why no one can stop the cash loans machine

Its the banks, man! Its a federal financial conspiracy to get us into debt, get us takin' out instant cash loans and to give money for the hogs. Cash loans are Animal Farm all over again man, and we're as blind as the sheep! Banks will tell us how bad payday loans are, but they won't tell us they are now financing every dime that we get in every cash loan we take out. The banks are running the show, and the law makers are running the banks, and there is nothing we can do but sit back, relax, take out a few bad credit cash loans and start feeling financial goodness once again. Ahhhh!

A break from the buzz

Wait a minute...did you guys hear that? Did...did you guys feel something man? There it is again! They've found us! They're at the front and the back doors, and they are ready to slaughter! Quick cash loans are everywhere, coming at us from all sides and no ones safe. I'm, wait a minute. Yup, I'm freakin' out man - one loan too many and I'm totally aced. Too many fast cash loans, too little space. Its the end of America - ride the tiger! ROAR!

I have a regular source of income.
I receive at least $1000/month.
I have a bank account.
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